Sahil Khanna – SEO Trainer & Digital Marketer

Sahil Khanna Digital Marketing Course

I am sure you must have seen SEO and digital marketing videos of Sahil Khanna and most of you might have subscribed to his YouTube channel.

If you want to know more about Sahil Khanna, his life and more about Sahil Khanna SEO course, then stick to my blog post.

Who is Sahil Khanna?

Sahil Khanna is a popular digital marketing consultant, trainer and SEO expert and popular YouTuber. He is the founder of Lapaas Digital Marketing agency in Delhi.

Before starting Lapaas Agency, he was providing digital marketing and SEO courses in Delhi, he is having a Youtube channel known as Intellectual Indies with over 10.2 lakh subscribers (More than 1 Million YouTube subscribers)

He is a chemical engineer by education. He did chemical engineering to help his father in the chemical Import-export business. Then he did his MBA and started to work in the corporate domain for a few years to gain some experience.

Started Digital Marketing Freelance Business

Sahil shares that when he started digital marketing for the first time in 2009 he had no idea whether he wanted to be a digital marketer. He just started it as a freelancing activity to earn some money.